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I Need Some Spring Tonic

Last Saturday I did a painting demonstration at the Brandon Artists Guild in Brandon, Vermont in conjunction with our show "Art from Farm to Table". There were about 20 attendees and lots of good questions! Here are some of the progress photos as I played with my pastels...

Initial sketch in charcoal...
I then created a value under painting in charcoal...

I begin to add color...

I took a vote as to whether or not I should dull down the background and I began to do that.  And this is where I stopped the demonstration...

I worked on the painting for a few days and I think I am finished! Thank you to all who came and the staff at the Brandon Artists Guild!

What's the Message?

My journey into the words of the song "Put on Your Travelin' Shoes" are nearing the end. I have felt inspired and sometimes frustrated as I created these paintings. Frustration comes with the territory, but inspiration is a joy when it touches your heart and soul.

There are two more paintings to be created in this series, but the message of the the four paintings that I have shared with you is pretty simple.

The message is hope. There is something ahead of us that is greater and more wonderful than we can imagine.


So You Better Get Ready

When you are painting from a memory it can be hard to get the colors and values right. My memory of a wet and muddy dirt road near my old home finally gelled for me just before my class today. What a blessing!

This is the same road from the last two paintings in this series, "Put on Your Walking Shoes".

I can't get the song out of my head!

Who knows where inspiration will come from? We just have to be ready to say "yes" to it!

Get those pastels out and PLAY!

Landscape Journey

I am enjoying this series of imaginary landscapes. A song we sung in choir recently, "Put on Your Travelin' Shoes" inspired the titles.


"Put on Your Travelin' Shoes"

I am trying to learn to do better landscapes and painting a "sky hole" was the challenge of the day. I started with this ground  of a soft umber and sketched in the big shapes. I blocked in the basic hues and values using Nupastel.

Painting in the sky holes makes it come alive. I used Richeson pastels mostly. I wanted to try my new set created by  Desmond O'Hagen. Had to get a few colors from my big set, but I think I might be on the right track.
Hope you are playing with your pastels! Judy

The Comfort of an Old Friend

I love this old teacup. I love the vintage napkin, too. I could have used a paper one, but it felt special to use this one. "Treat yourself," I said.

Enjoyed talking to a new friend at church tonight. Another treat!

Life's simple pleasures can be so comforting. Counting my blessings today...


Let it flow...

I thought I might play around with some new pastel paper that I ordered. The grit was 250 and it was like painting on course sandpaper. I ended up using a piece of foam to push some color into the tooth.

Interesting results.

So I kept on playing.

Sometimes it is good to fool around and not be concerned with results. Just let it flow...


Living Water...

Again... (another day in the 30/30 painting challenge).
I just had to paint something, but what?

A simple subject (without a staged setting) was all I could come up with, as I had an hour before my class would arrive.

I painted this one with just the intention of painting a beautiful water pitcher... a man made object...  that I love, to express with the appreciation that I have for it, and what it holds. I painted it and I like it.
But I hope it expresses much more...

Many colors make up the living water...

Play with your pastels...

What we know it to be...

Last week after church a friend gave me a bouquet of flowers from the Fellowship Table to take home. They were so pretty and I thought I would paint them. Life got in the way and today all that was left was this one fading flower.

It was not a well lit, perfect set up. The photo to the left was what I was looking at. The leaves were under water and the background was a chair and electrical outlet!

As artists we are always interpreting what we see. I wanted to honor the beauty of this flower, so I glorified it!

I set a stage of quiet beauty and tried to honor the life of this flower and the person who so kindly allowed me to enjoy it and it's friends. I painted the leaves where I wanted them to be.

Sometimes we paint what we see...
and sometimes we paint what we know it to be.

Make sure you play with your pastels this week!

It Wasn't Easy...

On a winter day it's so easy to long for green! Found this reference photo in my "painting possibilities" folder. It wasn't easy, but it was fun to think about peppers and zucchini instead of boots and shovels!

Hope you are playing with your pastels!

Snow Day

It is snowing like crazy here in Vermont! I have been wanting to paint this rooster for a long time. We have the most wonderful rooster and his harem of chickens in our neighborhood.

Trying to get back to the painting a day challenge!!!

Comfort Zone Revisited

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" Neale Donald Walsch
I have had a few days of not being in a happy place, painting wise. Nothing was going right. I thought I had forgotten all I knew about painting. What was going on?

 I had started a painting that was giving me so many problems because the board I was painting on was very rough and didn't accept the pastel in a way I was used to at all. What a struggle. I finally went back to it today and wrestled my way through it. Still not happy!

I started a new painting on a board that I love and am familiar with. Wow! What a difference. Here is the progression...

This is my charcoal sketch which carefully included the values I will be wanting to remember as I paint.

First rough in that follows the map I have laid out. I was happier already.

The latest version may have some tweaks added, but I think I have found my happy place again!

Hope you are having fun playing with your pastels!

Rough Start!

I seem to be off to a rough start on the first day of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge offered by artist Leslie Saeta! But I do like the painting I am posting. I did it a few months ago, not yesterday because the one that I started yesterday was rough... literally!

I was working on a board that I reused by painting over the cleaned surface with clear Gesso. The surface was rough and that just didn't work with the subject I chose.

I will try again and (hopefully) post a brand new painting!