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New Beginnings!

Playing with Pastels! Dear Judy ,

It's Cloud Illusions, I Recall - SOLD
It is back to "school" time again at the Northlight Art Center!

My classes start again this week (see details below) and I am really looking forward to a new beginning!!!

Attention Students in Beginning to Paint with Pastels! Fridays, 1 - 4 September 5 - October 10
$225 Karen, Linda, Carolyn, Sandy, Jennifer, Vivien and Anne...

I have permission to rearrange the classroom so that we can all focus on drawing or painting a still life together!
Please bring two or three things that go with the theme "End of Summer" for our still life set up. We shall plan on working for three weeks on this project and then decide what we want to do next.
This approach was very popular with my summer students, so let's give it a try!  
I Always Wanted to Draw... Saturdays, 9 - Noon September 6 - October 11
Carolyn, BZ, Linda, Daniele and Katie...
This class will be individualized, but I will present lessons on val…