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Limited Palette

When I was in junior high school my art teacher - Miss Crabtree - gave me a zero for coloring outside the lines of my color wheel!

Needless to say, I have always had negative associations with this art tool. However, I now know how useful it can be in helping an artist with color in their paintings.

Click here to review color theory!

This week I decided to take a pastel challenge to use a limited palette to complete a painting. This is my value under painting. I used Canson grey sanded paper along with charcoal and white pastel.

This is my palette. I chose two compliments - red and green, plus white, grey and black. The blue was for a kick at the end!

  Almost finished, but I wanted to kick it up a bit and tone down the fabric in the back.  Note how the neutrals are created by blending compliments .  "Apple of My Eye", pastel, 9"x12" Homework Challenge! Learn the compliments for all 12 colors on the Color Wheel!