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The Joy of Shadows

Value under painting, 24x36"
I just started my first new painting using the new tabouret/easel! I love it! All of my pastels are close at hand and I have plenty of room to lay out a palette of selected colors.

I started with my Nupastels to block in the values of this landscape. I am working from a reference photo taken a few years ago that I have always wanted to try. This is the biggest surface I have ever used - 24 x 36" - and I really love it!

I have now added another layer of softer pastels, but I am not finished yet. I am painting on Ampersand Pastel Board and you can still see some of the grey showing through.

Time to take a break and come back to it again tomorrow. Then I will address more subtle color and value changes. I will post the finished painting next week. I think I will call it, "Among the Shadows".

I feel like I played with my pastels today!