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Moving the Eye!

I took a wonderful workshop this past weekend with award winning pastel artist Peter Seltzer. The focus of the workshop was Still Life and I learned so many things! Here is an example of Peter's work... Threads 4, by Peter Seltzer
Peter says,  "Still life is so much more than painting fruit in a bowl!"  Still life can express our feelings and thoughts on life. Peter achieves this in many ways. Subject matter, use of symbolism, composition and color are just a few.

Movement is another important factor in a good painting. Notice how the eye freely moves through and around his painting? How does he make that happen?
The repeated use of similar shapes - the small spools of thread and the large onesThe repeated use of colors that dance throughout the pieceThe use of the measuring tape and its shadow drawing the eye across the painting Interesting negative spaces moving the eye across the picture plane See more of his work here.
This will be the last week of class in th…