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Anything that doesn't move or is dead!

The genre of still life painting features arrangements of inanimate, everyday objects. To put it simply, still life is anything that does not move or is dead!
Traditionally, some of the objects in a still life were selected for their symbolic meaning. Cut flowers or a piece of decaying fruit, for instance, symbolize mortality.  
But a still life painting doesn't have to have symbolism. Cezanne is one artist who painted  fruit simply for the colors, shapes, and beauty. It's important to keep in mind the following elements of the design of your still life painting: balance proportion and scalecontrastrepetition and patternunity and harmony We are planning a winter themed still life to paint for the next three weeks. Sandy is loaning us this wonderful sled!

Remember to bring some items, fabrics, etc. to add to the choices for setting up something wonderful!