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Theme & Inspiration

"Bee Still Detail #2"
SOLD Value is the most important element to understand in a painting.  In Robert Carlson's book The Guide to Landscape Painting he presents a generalization call the "Theory of Angles". When I learned and understood this in a workshop a few years ago it helped me so much!

Carlson describes four basic zones in a landscape and the values associated with them...
1. The Sky
2. The Ground
3. Slanted Planes (hills and mountains)
4. Upright Planes (trees)
This week in class we will study this theory in detail and do a little practice exercise applying what we learn.

I'm hoping everyone gets as much out of this as I did when I learned it! Judy ps
I will be starting a new series of classes beginning on Friday, May 15th.

Theme & Inspiration Fridays, 1 - 4 PM May 15th to June 19th Northlight Art Center, Amenia, NY $240/six sessions
Where do we get our inspiration for painting? How can we kick-start some ideas for paintings with a theme? What subject…