Something of Value

I say it all the time to my students...

"It doesn't matter what color you choose, as long as you have the right value!"
It makes sense to most, but I do understand that it is a difficult concept when you are first learning to paint.

In my last class I asked my students to predict what the color of the sky would be in a painting based on a black and white photo. The answers varied, based on the value they were looking at and the sky color that made sense to them.

Below is the photo without the colors that I chose for this composition. Notice that there are four values. The sky is the lightest value and the ground is the second lightest. The distant hills are a medium dark and the upright trees and bushes are the darkest.

What would guess the sky color to be?

It could be anything... yellow, pink, blue, orange or violet as long as the value is correct. This composition could probably be done 100 times with different hues, but would look the same in black and white as long a…

A New Friend... Your Sketch Journal

My sketch journal feels like an art buddy to me. I didn't keep one early on in my journey to become able to paint and draw and I'm sorry that I didn't. Since I began keeping them I now have a record of workshops, thumbnails for paintings yet to come and a companion as the journey progresses.

I don't just keep sketches, I keep notes from workshops. New things I have learned about color and composition. And ideas for a series or painting titles.

Of course the most important thing about a sketch journal is that it gives you the opportunity to work out the values and composition with pencil and an eraser!

Students! If you are taking one of my classes be sure to bring  a sketch journal and pencil, preferably a soft pencil that will make dark marks.

I like the Cachet Classic sketch books 5.5x8.5" which you can get here at Jerry's Artarama.

Make a new friend!


Judy Albright Fine Art, LLC

Are you ready to roll?

I have been getting the studio ready for my new classes and thinking about the many wonderful teachers that have helped me in my artistic journey. Pieter Lefferts, Nancy Cassidy, Peter Seltzer and so many more. I realized that I have to get myself ready too! 
Marla Baggetta, who I also studied with, recently published on her website three important qualities of a good art mentor.  She says that it's... someone who inspires yousomeone who sets high expectations for you   someone who creates a sense of community and belonging in the class

 I couldn't agree more!

Classes begin next week...

Tuesday, September 5th & 12th - Introduction to Pastels 1  FREE Wednesday, September 6th & 13th - Introduction to Pastels 2  FREE
Playing with Pastels... for beginners 5 Tuesdays, Sept. 19th – Oct. 17th, 6:30–9:00pm Fee:$185

New Students and those thinking about taking a class in the future... take a look at older blog posts to get inspired and motivated!


Exciting News!

Botanical and Floral Art Competition Blossoms on Main Street, pastel, 12x12" I am happy to announce that I have received two awards in Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery's August 2017 show, "The 7th Annual Botanical & Floral Art Exhibition."  "Blossoms on Main Street" won in the Special Merit Category and "Bee Still" received a Special Recognition Award. This international art competition received submissions from17 different countries and from 37 different states. Overall, 720 entries were judged.

Bee Still, pastel, 12x16" View the show here!

All participating winners of the competition have their artwork exposed and promoted online through the online gallery and through social media to thousands of visitors each month.

Playing with Pastels: It's Official...

Playing with Pastels: It's Official...: The studio is ready for art-making. Classes will start in September!     As many of you know, my husband and I mo...

It's Official...

The studio is ready for art-making.Classes will start in September!

As many of you know, my husband and I moved to Vermont about a year ago to be closer to my daughter. We bought a fixer-upper house in Middlebury, Vermont and dove into a very huge project!

I have just formed Judy Albright Fine Art LLC and I now have a wonderful new studio space where I will be able to teach painting and drawing classes.  

In addition, I am working on developing some one-time art experiences called Creativity Uncorked!More to follow on that!

All classes will be held in my home studio
Blue Wing Studios
1 Chipman Heights, Middlebury, Vermont 

Introduction to Pastels
with Judy Albright

Love color and want to make some beautiful art? Worried about your drawing skills? Not sure if you are going to like pastels? It’s OK! There is no need to invest in materials and instruction until you think you are going to enjoy it. These two FREE classes offer guided instruction and will be fun and relaxing. All materials wil…

Stick to Your Values

"Tangled Up in Blue", oil, 12x12"The dictionary says...
"Core values are the guiding principles that dictate behavior and action."
I hold many core values that have been defined by my faith and my upbringing. I try to stick with them in all that I do as a person and a citizen.

As an artist the concepts of value and color guide my palette choices. I try to always begin a painting with a small value study such as this one for "Tangled Up in Blue". (The tick marks guide me when I transfer my composition to my painting surface.)

I have a little trick I use to check my values as I paint...

I take a photo of the painting and use the mono filter to change it to a black and white version of the painting.

It is pretty close to the value study! Yeah! When it isn't, this trick helps me make adjustments. Notice how I added some highlight to the spoon.

Stick to your values in life and in painting!