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Painting in a Series

Our new classes have begun and I feel we are off to a wonderful start. It was fun to brainstorm ideas for a series of paintings. Good things can come out of doing a series... Looking at the same object or concept from many different perspectives is enlightening and will improve the depth of your workYou will learn a great deal about the subject and get better at painting it!A theme to a group of your paintings might spark more interest from a gallery!
Continuing with my series of birds I started a small piece...   
This is my charcoal sketch on grey Ampersand board.
I just took a few minutes to draw this from my reference photo. The bird was so black that you couldn't even see his eyes!

The result was fun and quick to do!

"Blackbird Sitting", pastel, 8x5"

For my students... remember to bring paper, 6x6" or 5x8" to class this Friday for an exercise we will do together.
We will be talking about  "Making Your Mark"... keeping your painting fresh and…