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Variations on a theme!

I have a series in mind...  
There are so many landscapes that can be painted in so many ways. My students last week showed me that! This is one variation on a composition theme by one of my students that came out really well!
 Well, I decided to try another series to inspire you (I hope) So here goes...
Last fall I passed by this wonderful nature preserve on Calkinstown Road  and I took many reference photos. I did some thumbnail value drawings of the scene in two different aspect ratios.
I decided that I like the square, so I did a value under painting in charcoal on a square piece of grey sanded paper.
First pass with complimentary colors... then I added accents.  
Another version with a different palette!
What I learned... Less is more!I probably overworked both paintingsIt is fun to keep a palette simple!I can do many more variations from this composition!Homework Challenge! Take this composition and try your hand at different colors withing the values given.    Just start with …