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Is it finished???

More on looking at flowers close up...

Here are two photos of flowers you might want to try your hand at. (Right click on the photo and click "save as". Save it to your desktop. You can then print it out.)

I tried another painting of chives. Here was my first pass of getting the drawing and shapes in place. I didn't use charcoal this time, but rather pastels and pastel pencil.

I am using basically the same palette that I used on my last two flower paintings. I'm thinking that if I show them as a group it will be nice to have three paintings that look good together!

"Chivin' with the Pansies", 12x12", pastel on Ampersand board

This is where I left it. The BIG questions is... is it finished??? I am really not sure, but I am stepping away from the painting for a few days so that I don't over work the painting.

What do you think?

I will bring more flowers to class on Friday. Loving the warmer weather!!!
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