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Scumbling and Blending and Glazing... Oh My!

Well, I think it is time for a little pastel technique talk! I often use the term "blending" and I think most of you know what I mean. Blending is means gently rubbing together two pastels on the surface to create a new color.
Sometimes we might use our finger or a blending tool to do this, but it is best to let the pastels do itthemselves. This is achieved best by using sticks of the same hardness.
That is how I achieved the colors of the taffy in this painting.
But what is scumbling and glazing? They are both much like blending, but... Scumbling is lightening a color by lightly covering the color with a lighter tint.Glazing is darkening a color by lightly covering the color with a darker shade.Blending            Scumbling            Glazing
Tea Time! pastel, 18x24" I used a lot of scumbling and glazing in this painting!
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