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The Shadows Begin

Driving home the other day I asked my husband to stop by this old barn so I could take a photograph. I love the way the shadows change in late summer. Peaceful and cool. The sun trying to hang on to the life of summer! My class begins on Monday and it was time to get back to the easel again.

Pastel Painting… Beginner and intermediate Students will experience a nurturing community atmosphere in this class that will ignite artistic and personal growth whether you are a first time explorer or have had some experience. Students in this class will develop basic pastel painting techniques as we seek to discover our own style. We will explore color and composition, while refining our drawing skills.
Ages: Adults & mature teens When: 5 Mondays September 17 - October 15 2:00 - 5:00 pm Fee: $180
If you don't have materials and would like to use studio materials, the cost is $200.