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To the Place Where I Belong

Long winter shadows filled with color. Winter may be cold and stormy this year, but it really is beautiful.
This painting is from a reference photo a bit earlier in the season. (36 Days until Spring!)

A Touch of Gray

Making myself do a thumbnail sketch and a value under-painting is really worthwhile. Take a look at the process I used to create the painting below...
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 Here is the reference photo. It was a beautiful sunset, but the camera didn't really capture the feeling

I did a quick sketch eliminating some trees that I thought weren't important in the composition.

Next, the charcoal value under-painting sets the stage and reminds me where I want to go.

My students used this process last week to begin a still life painting.  Everyone is progressing very nicely!
Linda W. sent this linkto see the wonderful Matisse exhibit that is closing today at MOMA. Enjoy!!