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Practice Doesn't Make Perfect!

Keeping Out the Cows- SOLDPractice doesn't make perfect.
Practice reduces the imperfection." Toba Beta

I am a busy person, so I know how hard it is to make time for practice. I can think of every excuse in the

But to all of you and to my students who have just started a new series of classes, I say... practice!

The trick is finding the right time in your schedule. At my recent five day workshop, "The Natural Singer" at Omega Institute, I had a two and a half hour long lunch break! For a former elementary school teacher who is quite used to the 20 minute lunch, this offered me a time to  practice sketching!

It was very relaxing and fun, not to mention a nice souvenir of my experience. And you never know, a painting might come out of one of them!

So, try to find a regular time in your schedule to practice what you are learning.

"Tomorrow's victory is today's practice." Chris Bradford, The Way of the Warrior Judy PS If you have always wa…