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Cry Me a River

"Cry Me a River" pastel 5x7"
I thought I would try a few different variations using the same composition but different colors. My show, "Dust & Shadow" opens tonight, so I don't have a lot of time to paint! If you live near Sharon, CT, come on over! The Gallery @the SHS 18 Main Street Sharon, CT 860-364-5688

Sunrise, Sunset

"Sunrise, Sunset" pastel 5x7"
Well, it is time for a new theme. I have had a lot of positive response to my small "shape landscapes" so I thought I should try some more of that.
Again, another song title that I love... Judy

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

"Baby, It's Cold Outside" pastel 6x6"

$100 - Click to buy
It was 3 degrees outside my house this morning. Good thing the sun has come out and it feels warmer!
New classes starting next week! It's a good way to keep your mind off of the weather! Judy

A Place in the Choir

All God's Critters Got a Place in the Choir 9x12" pastel
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Well, you know, I name a lot of my paintings with song titles or lyrics because I also love to sing! This title is a Bill Stains song of the same name.  Listen here...

Like a Bird on a Wire

"Like a Bird on a Wire" 7x5" pastel
Who doesn't love birds? My husband and I enjoy feeding them in winter. They remind us of what hard work it is just to survive in this bitter cold and give us hope for renewed life come spring.
Hope you are having fun playing with your pastels! Judy

On the Fence

"On the Fence" 5x7" pastel
Well I am not on the fence in choosing birds as the next focus for my 30 Paintings in 30 Days. I have missed one day as I had a solo show to get up and another opening, but I hope to be back on track!
My Blackbird Sitting at the Break of Day sold yesterday, so I thought I would go with a popular theme! Judy