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Try it! You might like it!

I really appreciate the courage it often takes to try my ideas! My students have done a great job of it in last Friday's class. Super work Carolyn, Sandy, Corinne, Vivien, Karen and Jennifer

Corinne did a small value study of a still life I set up. She tried it twice to get a good composition. She solved some problems before she began to paint. Then she did a value under painting on her final surface.

This was done with charcoal on grey toned paper.

Next she added color.

I know she isn't finished, but I bet she is working on it at home!

Nice job!

One of my favorite pastel teachers is Richard McKinley who said...
“You don’t need psychological therapy if you paint every day. You confront your internal fears and strengths every time you stand in front of the painting.”  Homework Challenge! Take time to do small sketches and value studies before you begin to paint because it really helps you solve problems ahead of time!Read this article by Richard McKinley. He agrees with me!…