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What's in a Name?

Coming up with titles for your paintings can be difficult sometimes.
Hope is Rising But it can also be kind of fun!

Sometimes I think of a name before I begin painting
Sometimes I think of a title for the painting as soon as I see what I want to paint or have an idea for a painting. It helps keep my brain focused on what the painting is about.This painting was inspired by a lyric from a song that I love to sing.
Keeping the Cows Out Sometimes something comes to me when I am in the process
Sometimes I get an inkling of what to call the painting while working on it. I may not be certain until it's finished but a lot of my pieces get a working title  while they are works in progress.  The painting on the right came to me while I was painting the fence!
Sometimes I decide after the painting is finished
Sometimes I try and think about a title during  the observation and reflection stage.  I use the benefits of search Mum's the Word engines and the internet to help wit…