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It Wasn't Easy...

On a winter day it's so easy to long for green! Found this reference photo in my "painting possibilities" folder. It wasn't easy, but it was fun to think about peppers and zucchini instead of boots and shovels!

Hope you are playing with your pastels!

Snow Day

It is snowing like crazy here in Vermont! I have been wanting to paint this rooster for a long time. We have the most wonderful rooster and his harem of chickens in our neighborhood.

Trying to get back to the painting a day challenge!!!

Comfort Zone Revisited

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" Neale Donald Walsch
I have had a few days of not being in a happy place, painting wise. Nothing was going right. I thought I had forgotten all I knew about painting. What was going on?

 I had started a painting that was giving me so many problems because the board I was painting on was very rough and didn't accept the pastel in a way I was used to at all. What a struggle. I finally went back to it today and wrestled my way through it. Still not happy!

I started a new painting on a board that I love and am familiar with. Wow! What a difference. Here is the progression...

This is my charcoal sketch which carefully included the values I will be wanting to remember as I paint.

First rough in that follows the map I have laid out. I was happier already.

The latest version may have some tweaks added, but I think I have found my happy place again!

Hope you are having fun playing with your pastels!