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The Comfort of an Old Friend

I love this old teacup. I love the vintage napkin, too. I could have used a paper one, but it felt special to use this one. "Treat yourself," I said.

Enjoyed talking to a new friend at church tonight. Another treat!

Life's simple pleasures can be so comforting. Counting my blessings today...


Let it flow...

I thought I might play around with some new pastel paper that I ordered. The grit was 250 and it was like painting on course sandpaper. I ended up using a piece of foam to push some color into the tooth.

Interesting results.

So I kept on playing.

Sometimes it is good to fool around and not be concerned with results. Just let it flow...


Living Water...

Again... (another day in the 30/30 painting challenge).
I just had to paint something, but what?

A simple subject (without a staged setting) was all I could come up with, as I had an hour before my class would arrive.

I painted this one with just the intention of painting a beautiful water pitcher... a man made object...  that I love, to express with the appreciation that I have for it, and what it holds. I painted it and I like it.
But I hope it expresses much more...

Many colors make up the living water...

Play with your pastels...

What we know it to be...

Last week after church a friend gave me a bouquet of flowers from the Fellowship Table to take home. They were so pretty and I thought I would paint them. Life got in the way and today all that was left was this one fading flower.

It was not a well lit, perfect set up. The photo to the left was what I was looking at. The leaves were under water and the background was a chair and electrical outlet!

As artists we are always interpreting what we see. I wanted to honor the beauty of this flower, so I glorified it!

I set a stage of quiet beauty and tried to honor the life of this flower and the person who so kindly allowed me to enjoy it and it's friends. I painted the leaves where I wanted them to be.

Sometimes we paint what we see...
and sometimes we paint what we know it to be.

Make sure you play with your pastels this week!