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Powerful and Confident Brushstrokes

New flowers are blooming every day. The weekend was warm, but today is really chilly. Still... we long for the flowers!

Vincent Van Gogh   (click on this link for more images) was my absolute favorite in my early years of thinking that maybe I could be an artist! His paintings of irises are favorites of many, too.

Van Gogh is known for his simple, yet powerful and confident brushstroke.

Wow! Can we learn from this?

Maybe if we try a "Fifty Stroke Flower Painting" this week as a warm up exercise, we might  allow ourselves to feel the flower in an immediate way.

There will be one flower and one vase... can we do it? Of course we can!
Bring a surface that you want to spend 30 minutes experimenting on... Then, of course, everyone is free to work on their own vision and their own painting, any subject. Judy