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The Magical World of Shadows

So far there have been seven paintings sold at the Northlight Art Center Student Show! Very exciting!!! Students, don't forget to pick up unsold work on Saturday, August 9th at the Sharon Historical Society from 10 AM to 1 PM.

Be Still, pastel on archival board, 18x24"
I recently had a lot of fun working on this painting  of Chinese Lanterns using dramatic light and shadows. (It was accepted into the President's Show at the Kent Art Association where you can see it in person.)

In an article by Jane Kwant in Watercolor News she says,
"There is a magical world of reflected color that lurks in shadows..."

Shadows can create mood and feeling in a painting.

Need an idea for painting something new? Try arranging still life objects and then experiment with dramatic light source options until you find something that creates a mood you would like to convey.

Do a  thumbnail in black and white noticing how the shadows will impact your overall composition.

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