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Are You Inspired?

"Sunrise, Sunset"
SOLDMy next series of classes begin this Friday, May 15th and are open to all media. We will each explore the idea of working on a series of paintings or drawings finding subjects that inspire us personally. So everyone will be working on "their own thing"!

Why work in a series? Here are some things to think about...

Thinking deeply about a subject and exploring it fully usually makes for better artBy creating a body of work in a series you give journalists and bloggers something they can use to craft stories about you and your workPainting a series of a subject you have painted before can help if you are "stuck" for a subjectIf you did a really nice painting of a bird's nest, why not try some more? You benefit from your experience! 

Theme & Inspiration Fridays, 1 - 4 PM May 15th to June 19th Northlight Art Center, Amenia, NY $240/six sessions Where do we get our inspiration for painting? How can we kick-start some ideas for p…