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Any thoughts???

(garlic in progress) pastel, 6x6"
I was so busy today that I am actually amazed that I got even this done today. I had an opening of a very wonderful show tonight, so I did the sketch before I left and tried to get it going tonight at about 9:00.  Well, this is as far as I got, but I will return tomorrow with a fresh eye and take a look. Maybe not much more to add. This is the value under-painting that I started with... Any thoughts???

Waste Not..

"Etude in A Minor" pastel 5x7"
Today I used a piece of pastel board that had another painting on it that I washed off. It was difficult to cover over the stained surface, but eventually I covered over the ghost of the old painting. I don't like to waste anything!

Winter is here!

"Winterlong" revisited pastel 12x12"
The snow is blowing outside!
I tried a new bird painting on a very rough surface that I believe was a freebie from some order of art supplies. I was so totally frustrated, I threw it away!
I revisited this painting and added some cool blue and like it better. What do you think? Judy


"Winterlong" pastel 12x12"
I have missed a few days of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge. Let's just say I had some computer challenges to work out, but I am back! 
Winter is long...