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Mix It Up!

"Napkin with Pear", pastel, 5x7""There are always a myriad of color choices that will work in any situation, as long as the tonal value is appropriate." Gaye Adams Last week I shared my thumbnail value drawing in preparation for painting. I could have made so many different color choices, but decided on a mostly blue composition with the complement of the orange pear.

Mixing colors can be surprising at times! Take some of the shock out of the process with the following color mixing exercise...

Use each color on the palette you commonly use or think you like. In the first row, paint the color straight from the tube. For pastels, begin with the most saturated colors corresponding to the 12 hues of the color wheel. In each subsequent row add a tint of white. See how light you can go!
Choose three primary colors from your palette and their complements. Gradually add the complement to each, making the color duller and darker.

Next add white and the complement. Don'…