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Here's to the Girls!

"Take a Bow!" SOLD

I did a series of paintings this past winter. I started on January 1st, actually, and the first six paintings were of Spanish Quinces!

My friend Michael had loaned me a basket because he saw that they were lovely and a great subject to paint.

They reminded me of ladies... Zeifield Follies ladies to be more precise! I really enjoyed the fun poses they gave me and had a blast with this series.  (This is a greatsong  and dance number  to honor those "wonderful ladies" featuring Fred Astaire and Lucille Ball!)

Some things to think about in a series... Think about the size... this series is all smallThink about frames... they are all framed the sameThink about palette... I used the same palette for all of them

Theme & Inspiration "ingenue" SOLD Fridays, 1 - 4 PM May 15th to June 19th Northlight Art Center, Amenia, NY $240/six sessions
Where do we get our inspiration for painting? How can we kick-start some ideas for paintings with a the…