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Five Big Shapes

In last week's class we all tried our hand at finding five big shapes in a landscape reference photo. It was great to see how differently the paintings all came out, even though we used the same photo!
Here are two paintings done from the same reference photo.  Notice how the different under-painting choices affected the final outcome. I began with drawing the five big shapes...

 I started with the big shapes... I For the first one I did a value under-painting in violets... Here is the finished painting.. Then I tried the same composition with an under-painting in orange values... (I forgot to take the picture before I started with blue, so you see a little of my next layer!)
The final painting...  Homework Challenge! Try this same exercise at home this week and see what happens! You can use the same under-painting choices I made or come up with your own. Bring your results to class and we will share and compare. I did this on 6 x 6" square of grey Colorfix sanded…