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Everything is relative...

Everything is relative!

I have been learning to always do a small thumbnail value drawing before I begin a painting. Sometimes I try different size formats to determine the most interesting composition.

I have been wanting to make some templates with the correct aspect ratio for my thumbnails, so that I can more accurately transfer my drawing concept to the painting surface.

Well, I finally did it and I am sharing it with you!   (Click here for a pdf that you can print out. Be patient... it takes a few seconds to download.)
Aspect ratio is the relationship of each of the sides to each other.   I mathematical terms, a square has equal sides and so the ratio is expressed as 1:1.   That means that if one side is 12 the other side is also 12.
A 1:2 ratio is when one side is two times bigger than the other.   If one side is 12 inches the other is then 24.    You can figure out the sizes of different ratios by multiplying each by a common denominator.  
Have fun printing this out…