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To Go!

Thanks for the birthday cake (Carolyn!) and warm birthday wishes from my class!

I have been working on another limited palette painting in my Diner Series.

I started with a value under painting...

I used charcoal and light blue pastel on grey Ampersand board.

Next I began to add in color. My plan was to use only shades of blue and deep, bright red.

I think I am finished...

To Go!, pastel, 18x24"
Homework Challenge! We took some time last week to talk about GREEN. Did you look in your pastel collection to see if you need more light, dark, cool or warm greens? Watch this video of Liz Haywood-Sullivan. It is a sampler so it is short, but she talks about green, painting trees using an under painting and adding details.There will be a simple still life set up or you may bring still life objects you can set up yourself or bring a reference photo for something you are working on. Judy