Empty Vessels...

"Home to a Taste of Summer"

"Home to a Taste of Summer" is the third in my series of empty vessels. Each subject speaks to a promise of future inhabitants.

All of them have been clear glass objects... a challenge that I am finding really enjoyable.

I have included the title within the painting, though I have tried to make it hard to see at first.

This is the last week of the "Theme & Variation" series of classes. I hope you will join me in July for the next one!


Abstract Impressions... Learning to Simplify!

July 10th to August 21st 
(No class on 8/14)
Six sessions - $240
Northlight Art Center, Amenia, NY

Learn to create a more abstract impression of life, whether it be a still life, figurative or landscape painting. Various artists will be studied and many techniques will be explored. Choose your own subjects or use ideas provided. Loosen up and have fun!

Contact me at 860-364-0477 or at judyalbright@snet.net to register!
create an abstract impression of real life, you get abstract realism.

Read more : http://www.ehow.com/info_8716099_definition-abstract-realism.html


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