Finding Good Bones...

The Landscape in Spring studio class is off to a good start. Even though it was snowing during the class, we looked at spring photos and investigated choosing good compositions.

We covered three basic bones or armatures of composition. In my  painting here I used one in particular... the diagonal armature. I'm sure you can see it!

This class and it is open to all media, including drawing. Let me know if you would like to join the class. There is plenty of room in our new space.

This is my thumbnail sketch for "promised Land" that I did from a really so-so photo...

I'm still thinking Spring!

Online Store!
I now have an online store where you can purchase paintings with PayPal. 
To purchase this one for $90 go to...

NAC Student Show
The opening of the Northlight Art Center Student Show was really wonderful!
Thank you to all who came and brought glorious food! I heard many compliments on the work.
Congrats to Jen on the sale of one of her paintings!

"Make Tea, Not War" SOLD!!!


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