Portait of an Apple

Portrait of an Apple

charcoal value under-painting

I missed working with you all last week! This snow is getting to be annoying!!!

I have a still life photo of some fruit that I printed out so that we all can work together. I will ask you to find your own composition from the photo. This should spark an interesting discussion about shape and size of the surface, etc.

Then we will...
  • Do a small, quick value study in your sketchbook - focused on composition and value. Like this one to the right...
  • Do a charcoal under-painting on your surface like the one above.
I will choose a palette and do a demo that will finish this lovely apple portrait. Then you will choose a palette for your painting to paint on top of your under-painting!

Sound like fun? 
I have been asked for more demos, so here is one I found on YouTube that you might enjoy! I've never seen the crumbled pastel, brayer thing before! 


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