Practice Doesn't Make Perfect!

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Practice doesn't make perfect.
Practice reduces the imperfection."
Toba Beta

I am a busy person, so I know how hard it is to make time for practice. I can think of every excuse in the

The trick is finding the right time in your schedule. At my recent five day workshop,  "The Natural Singer" at Omega Institute, I had a two and a half hour long lunch break! For a former elementary school teacher who is quite used to the 20 minute lunch, this offered me a time to  practice sketching!

It was very relaxing and fun, not to mention a nice souvenir of my experience. And you never know, a painting might come out of one of them!

So, try to find a regular time in your schedule to practice what you are learning.

"Tomorrow's victory is today's practice."
If you have always wanted to sing better and get over stage fright take one of  Claude Stein's "Natural Singer" classes! An amazing and transformational experience! 

Just like making art, singing takes practice, too!

Northlight Art Center
5 Calkinstown Road
Sharon, CT 06069 


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