Everything is relative...

Everything is relative!

I have been learning to always do a small thumbnail value drawing before I begin a painting. Sometimes I try different size formats to determine the most interesting composition.

I have been wanting to make some templates with the correct aspect ratio for my thumbnails, so that I can more accurately transfer my drawing concept to the painting surface.

Well, I finally did it and I am sharing it with you!   (Click here for a pdf that you can print out. Be patient... it takes a few seconds to download.)

Aspect ratio is the relationship of each of the sides to each other.   I mathematical terms, a square has equal sides and so the ratio is expressed as 1:1.   That means that if one side is 12 the other side is also 12.
A 1:2 ratio is when one side is two times bigger than the other.   If one side is 12 inches the other is then 24.    You can figure out the sizes of different ratios by multiplying each by a common denominator.  

Have fun printing this out and cutting out the shapes for an easy template to ensure you can transfer your sketch composition accurately!

Optional studio-work...
  • Find three objects that are theme related and vary in size and shape (Small, medium and large)
  • Pick two different aspect ratios from your templates - 1:1 and 4:5, for example.
  •  Arrange the objects in two different ways to create compositions that suit the format.
  • Draw the two different compositions within their format keeping in mind the value structure of each one.
  • Start a painting of the one you like the best! 

I Always Wanted To Draw... 
Three Saturdays, 9:30AM - 12 Noon        7/26, 8/2, 8/9      $90

An exploration of drawing as an art form for the novice or for those with some experience.
Like learning scales in music this class will cover the building blocks for great drawing. Those with some experience will improve their skills in creating the illusion of depth including perspective and rendering of light and shadow. Without stress or pressure each student will learn to draw what they see and have fun doing it!

Beginning Drawing & Painting In Pastels  
Fridays, July 11 - August 15   1-4PM       6 classes/$225

If you have always wanted to learn to draw and paint, but are a bit afraid to try... this is the class for you! In this stress free, fun class, participants will experience a nurturing community atmosphere that will ignite artistic and personal growth whether you are a first time explorer or have had some experience. Students in this class will develop basic drawing and painting techniques while discovering their own style. Using guided, personalized instruction students will improve their drawing skills and learn how to choose colors and tones that create harmony in their work and enhance their ability to compose their pastel paintings effectively.

E-mail me to register and for a recommended materials list.  



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