Variations on a theme!

I have a series in mind...  

There are so many landscapes that can be painted in so many ways. My students last week showed me that! This is one variation on a composition theme by one of my students that came out really well!

 Well, I decided to try another series to inspire you (I hope) So here goes...

Last fall I passed by this wonderful nature preserve on Calkinstown Road  and I took many reference photos. I did some thumbnail value drawings of the scene in two different aspect ratios.

I decided that I like the square, so I did a value under painting in charcoal on a square piece of grey sanded paper.

First pass with complimentary colors... then I added accents.  

Another version with a different palette!

What I learned...
  • Less is more!
  • I probably overworked both paintings
  • It is fun to keep a palette simple!
  • I can do many more variations from this composition!
Homework Challenge!
Take this composition and try your hand at different colors withing the values given.   
Just start with the grey scale under painting and choose your colors with your heart!

Have fun! 



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