Crazy for Copper!

In this week's Friday class we are working on a still life that includes a copper bowl, so I thought I would share some thoughts on painting copper!
Last Tomato, pastel 12x16" 

There are so many wonderful colors in copper. Most obviously red-orange, orange, red, pink, blue and blue-green.  I used violet as well in this painting.

Here is another one by Jeffrey Hayes - click here for his blog.

What other colors do you see? Notice how the reflection of the white garlic is not white? 

Copper, unless it is highly polished is usually a low-luster metal.

A copper object will usually have...
  • blended shadows and highlights
  • a full range of values, determined by the light source
  • diffused or obscured reflections
Hope you are having fun playing with your pastels!


FULL!!! I Always Wanted To Draw...
Three Saturdays, 9:30AM - 12 Noon 
Northlight Art Center   
7/26, 8/2, 8/9
An exploration of drawing as an art form for the novice or for those with some experience.
Like learning scales in music this class will cover the building blocks for great drawing. Those with some experience will improve their skills in creating the illusion of depth including perspective and rendering of light and shadow. Without stress or pressure each student will learn to draw what they see and have fun doing it!

Beginning Drawing & Painting In Pastels
Fridays, July 11 - August 15   1-4PM       6 classes/$225
Northlight Art Center

If you have always wanted to learn to draw and paint, but are a bit afraid to try... this is the class for you! In this stress free, fun class, participants will experience a nurturing community atmosphere that will ignite artistic and personal growth whether you are a first time explorer or have had some experience. Students in this class will develop basic drawing and painting techniques while discovering their own style. Using guided, personalized instruction students will improve their drawing skills and learn how to choose colors and tones that create harmony in their work and enhance their ability to compose their pastel paintings effectively.

E-mail me to register and for a recommended materials list. 

New Classes will start after Labor Day!


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