The Moon and a Memory

March Moon, pastel, 10x8"
$125, unframed

Artists have been painting from memory forever!

I completed a memory painting this week. I started with a painting that I did for a class demo (that I really didn't like!)

I washed it off and was left with a ghost of the original image. It reminded me of the view from my bedroom window at 2 AM when I see the moon as it lights up the night. (I don't see a lake from my bedroom, but I wish I did! So I put one in!)

One of my favorite painters who tried his hand at painting from memory is Vincent Van Gogh. I watched an incredible documentary today about his life and his art that I would love for you to see. Van Gogh - Painted with Words.

Every word spoken by the actors in the film are from the writings of Vincent and those who knew him. Benedict Cumberbatch takes the leading  role as Vincent (He is an amazing actor!)

Homework Challenge!
  • Make notes of things he talks about. For example... words that remind you of something I have taught in class, or something you wish to learn, etc. 
  • Bring in an example of a painting you are really drawn to. This could be a contemporary artist or a great master. The painting could come from a book, magazine or from the internet.
  • We will share our thoughts about what we love in these paintings and what we desire to be able to communicate in our own work.  
Thinking about our art-making is just as important as doing it! 



  1. A wonderful movie, isn't it? I am about to start a series of painting about flowers. Vincent will be one of my inspirations.


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