Diner Series... same palette!

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Morning @ the Metro, pastel, 18x24"
I challenged my students to try doing a value under painting this week. It was tough! My admiration goes to all of you who gave it a try! It takes courage to push yourself out of your comfort zone!

Sandy is off to a great beginning on hers shown below!


This week I stuck to the same limited palette for another painting in the diner series.

This is my reference photo from yet another wonderful breakfast at the Metro!

I was attracted to the feeling of distance between the tables and the kind of "hopscotch" pattern of the placemats.

Here is the value under painting on grey Ampersand board. I use charcoal for the darks and a variety of light pastels to remind me of the lightest shapes.

Then I began to add more color...

This is the final result!
"Over Easy", pastel, 24x18"

Homework Challenge!
  • Get inspired by reading an article on any subject in art.
  • You might want to try reading this one by Richard McKinley...
Lessons of Still Life Painting
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