The Fifty Stroke Apple


Last week's Class Challenge was to paint an apple with fifty strokes!  

(Well, OK, fifty-ish!)

Here is my demo, painted on a 6x6" piece of toned, sanded paper. 

Here are some student examples...

A few of my students did more than one. Aren't they great!!!

A great exercise for many reasons...

  • Knowing that you have to use minimal strokes, forces you to make each one very intentional.
  • Fewer strokes make the painting seem more fresh and lively.
  • Often leaving some of the paper showing creates a spontaneous feel to the piece.

For this coming week's class we will keep to a similar theme of "Less is More".

We will try some mini-landscapes using minimal strokes. Please bring small paper sizes for this exercise. 3x5", 5x7", or 6x6".

I love it when I have to stay home and get things done and it turns out to be a snowy day! It feels good to be home safe and warm and accomplishing something!  Hope you can draw or paint today! 



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